Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pont de l'Archevêché - Love Lock Bridge Near the Notre Dame

My Husband and I are at the Lisbon airport waiting for our flight to Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately, our flight is delayed - the plane is experiencing technical errors.

We just spent four relaxing days in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, which I plan to blog about once I finish all my thoughts on Paris - working on one city at a time, hopefully in chronological order.

Anyhow, on the second day of Paris, we did a vespa tour with Left Bank Scooters. It was the first time I rode behind My Husband on a vespa. We had our own personal tour guide, Terry, on his own vespa that we followed. For three hours, Terry took us around all the major attractions of Paris and helped take pictures for us - he was wonderful.

Upon my request, one of the places we visited was the love lock bridge of Pont de l'Archevêché. In my opinion, it's one of the prettiest bridges in Paris because it has Notre Dame as its backdrop. This bridge is one of my favorite places in Paris. Lots of love in the atmosphere as you're surrounded by thousands upon thousands of love locks locked onto the bridge. Lovers abound, smiles and laughter - you can taste the romance. You'll witness couples locking their love lock and taking selfies together. I'm such a sucker for these things - I jumped with joy and hoped My Husband was just as excited about this as I was - he smiled and offered to run down the street to purchase a lock. 

I first learned of these love lock bridges via a very popular Hong Kong soap opera, Triumph in the Skies II. Lots of scenes in the soap opera were set in Paris during the winter, especially on this very same bridge, so this gave me an extra feeling of giddiness because I felt like I was a part of this soap opera (fortunately, without all the drama). As I looked into love lock bridges, I read that it only started occurring as recent as 2008 and that it's not just popular in Paris, but in many places all over the world. Lovers declare their love for one another via a love lock and either throw the key away or keep it for themselves.

Anyhow, I followed My Husband so that we could purchase the lock together. I wish I came more prepared and brought a lock from home instead (a friend of mine did that when she visited Paris with her beau last year). Our lock cost 8 euros - it wasn't big, but it sufficed. I wrote our names, the date and all that lovey-dovey stuff onto the lock. We finally returned to the bridge and decided to put our love lock onto a giant lock that says, "Love has no locks" - oh, the irony. We were lucky enough that Terry helped photograph us putting our lock on and throwing our keys in the seine river.

Our lock came with three keys - we each threw one into the river and decided to keep one to throw somewhere else during our honeymoon excursion. As Terry was waiting for us, we felt it impolite to have him wait any further, so after a few selfies, we left. I fell in love with the bridge, so My Husband said that we could return again tomorrow after we took a tour of Notre Dame (and we did!). 

A failed attempt at making a heart with our two hands.

When in Paris, this is a definitely the place to visit if you're with your significant other or if you're a sucker for romance like I am. I sigh dreamily when I think back of the short and sweet moments My Husband and I shared on this bridge. 

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