Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Eiffel Tower

Note: the below post was written more 10 days ago and wasn't published. 
We are currently sitting on the Italia Rail train on our way to Florence. We just spent five days exploring the ancient city of Rome - we loved how the city is so full of history and character. It's a bigger city than I imagined and it's filled with hustling and bustling tourists and locals. I can't imagine how crowded it must be during the summer when tourism season is at its peak!

It feels so very lovely to sit in this comfortable and warm train - My Husband is sitting across from me as I stare out into the window mesmerized by the Italian country scenes that pass us by. Time is passing by way too quickly... I've had the opportunity to see so much and I want to document and share every moment of it.

So... Paris! The Eiffel Tower! It's a majestic scenery. I purposefully booked our hotel within walking distance of the tower (15 minutes). It was a joy to see the Eiffel Tower each time we left and returned to our hotel.

We strolled to the Eiffel Tower after lunch at Angelina. The anticipation was building up as the Eiffel Tower grew bigger and bigger...

If you're interested in going up the tower, I would highly recommend that tickets be booked in advance. We booked ours online and it was quite easy to do so. You pick the day and time slot and just line up for the elevator. I saw people lining up to buy tickets and the wait time was 45 minutes - I imagine it to be even longer if you visit on a spring or summer day. 

Unfortunately, we were a day early. My mistake - when we arrived, we were right on time, but wrong day. They are quite strict with the tickets and wouldn't let us go. So we reluctantly left and came back the following day. 

At the top of the tower - it was very foggy the next day.. Didn't really get to see the view. 

A better view on the second deck.

The Eiffel Tower is even prettier at night. When in Paris, it's definitely worth a visit!

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